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    Introducing Swade Soul

    Swade soul is the reincarnation of a soulful renewal experiment. With a mass amount of false information that is engulfing our youth today, Swade feels there needs to be a re-education of the subject matters that you may not even know are vital to have in the back, the middle and in some cases the forefront of your mind.

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    Embracing Technology virtually 

    Swade Soul understands that the virtual environment is growing and the understanding of the world is available to everyone because of technology. So he plans to host a series of music projects that expresses his take on this big beautiful world and how it plays into connecting the dots from A-Z.


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    From old to new to immortality 

    While most artists are still searching for their target audience, along comes one of the first urban virtual recording artist, who has embraced the virtual reality space as the next frontier for new and old artist. “Artist all over the world are utilizing this form of providing entertainment globally. There is now a place for musicians that fans won’t ever be able to actually touch. But focusing on them being heard”, remarks Swade.

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    Virtual history 

    Swade Soul began his virtual artist career in the year 2004. Integrating his music into virtual world platforms Second Life, (Entropia, and inworlds. He has been an advocate for advanced technology including the acceptance of cryptocurrency the worlds new digital money. Swade Soul has spent the last 10 years helping to educate individuals and groups on how to interact with new technology.

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    Swade the musician 

    Being a musician, producer, and a artist has has allowed him to research, experiment and test out new music over the past years. Swade Soul continues, “providing music as a virtual artist allows me to bypass the normal biases that come with the territory of performing as (what would be considered) a regular live artist”. As virtual technology is expanding and is starting to be accepted as a alternative social structure aided by the Pandemic, you can now attend a live Swade Soul virtual performance in platforms like Decentraland.

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    conjunction junction revived

    Messaging is really important to Swade and he feels that millennials and Generation Y have been able to circumvent the past atmospheric ethnic prejudices that has plagued past artist. He feels this liberal minded group as a whole actually thrive on message-related music.

    Swade Soul is a advocate for current social issues to have a voice through music. He is positioning his voice to be a force and for current and future fans to listen & learn about subjects that they may have never heard addressed in song.